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Fishman Law Severe Impairment Claims

Severe Impairment Claims

Severe impairments can range from diabetes to loss of limbs and often times prevent people who want to work from working or even able to perform the simplest of tasks. If you find yourself in that situation we truly want to help you recover the Social Security Disability benefits that are rightfully yours and especially if here are any benefits that been collecting but not paid to you.

As the managing partner at The Fishman Law Firm, Jack Fishman has helped people in all walks of life, at no cost, file and qualify for Social Security Disability benefits due to severe impairments and disabilities. Even if you have already started the process and have gotten frustrated or confused by what seems to be endless red tape, we will review your case at no charge and provide the best advice moving forward. There is never a charge for our service should we decide to meet and move forward on your behalf. Please call our office at to schedule a meeting.

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